Light ~ Shape ~ Color

Take something ordinary, discover something magical. Surprising shapes, enticing color, unique angles, unseen views. Through my photos, I hope you will see the world in a new way.

I'm interested in the light, form, texture, and composition of a scene and tend to see things through a painter's eye more than a photographer's eye. Though some of my photos are identifiable (“a flower” or “trees in woods”), I primarily aim for a visual and/or emotional impact. I often use less conventional techniques such as intentional camera movement to “paint” with light and create an impressionistic feel.

What others have said:

“Sue’s photos are visual symphonies of the world around her. Mundane subjects… become works of art in her camera lens. Her lush arrangements of form-light-shadow-texture within a 4-sided, 2-dimensional rectangle can provide immense pleasure.”

"Sue does amazing close ups that bring new perspective to the ordinary and extraordinary!"

“What I love about all of these is that, without words, without explanations, they convey something, beyond words, beyond mere emotions, that touches me inside.”

“You make images that take me inside a space that only an artist can make. You get us as close as you can and then glide us through the image.”

“You have the talent to see incredible images in what most consider ordinary and mundane, you bring out the unusual and unique colors and shapes in compositions which captivate the viewer.”

"Sue, Your sense of enjoyment comes through in your work, and your commitment to your vision is very apparent. Light is probably the most important aspect of photography, framing the next.....and you show many examples of both in what you do.”

Memory Photography

In addition to fine art photography, I am available for memory photo sessions: sensitive and beautiful images of cherished places and objects that would otherwise be lost – a childhood home, family heirlooms, children’s treasures being passed along, or a place to be remembered.